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Prisha Meaning in English, Marathi and Hindi

Prisha Meaning in Marathi and Hindi

Prisha is a very beautiful name with a deep meaning hidden in it. Also, being a modern and 21st century suitable word, it matches with all the style and cuteness you need for a baby girl. Here, you will get the complete information for the name Prisha with its meaning and marathi and hindi translation.

Prisha Name Meaning in English:

Prisha is simply gods gift. Therefore, it resembles the perfect truth in your life. The new born baby little girl is a precious gift given to you by god. Also, it has other meaning like Loving, Beloved and a gift of talent given by the god.

Prisha meaning in Hindi:

Prisha meaning in hindi is भगवान द्वारा दी गयी अमूल्य भेट , प्यारा, भगवान ने दी हुई अनेक हुनर से भरी भेट. This is a beautiful name which makes you connect god with your child. Also, gives you an opportunity to thank god for his beautiful gift.

Prisha meaning in Marathi:

Prisha meaning in marathi is देव ने दिलेली एक अनमोल भेट, प्रेमळ, देवा कृपे ने झालेली अनमोल गोष्ट. Such names are like a blessing which we take everyday by thanking god every time.

Think twice before keeping your newborn a name

A name shall be for life, then why not keep them as pure and divine as possible.

  • Some more details about this name are:
  • This is a girl name
  • Also, Origin of this name is Hindi
  • This name is usually given to a girl from Hindu family
  • This is not a common name. Also, it is not a rare name too.
  • Therefore, It may be difficult to pronounce for some people.
  • It is a Indian origin name.
  • Also, Lucky number for this name holder is 2
  • Moon sign for this name holder is Virgo or Kanya.
  • Also, Nakshatra for the one having this name is Krittika