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Flowers Name in Hindi and Marathi

Flowers Name in Hindi and Marathi

Flowers Name in Hindi and Flowers Name in Marathi, these translation are required for many things like school projects or homework. Also, they are necessary for one to have a clarity in identifying the flower. Therefore, this article provides a complete detailed set of names of the Flower and their translation. The list is as follows :

Flowers Name in Hindi and Marathi :

Flower ImagesFlowers Name in EnglishFlowers Name in HindiFlowers Name in Marathi
1Night-Blooming-Jasmine Flowers Name in Hindi and Marathi Night Blooming Jasmine Night Blooming Jasmine (रात की रानी)रात की रानी (Night Blooming Jasmine)रातराणी (Night Blooming Jasmine)
2RoseRose (गुलाब)गुलाब (Rose)गुलाब (Rose)
3Sun-Flower Flowers Name in Hindi and MarathiSun Flower (सूरजमुखी)सूरजमुखी (Sun Flower)सूर्यफूल (Sun Flower)
4MarigoldMarigold (गेंदा फूल)गेंदा फूल (Marigold) Flowers Name in Hindiझेंडू (Marigold)
Flowers Name in Marathi
5PansyPansy (बनफूल)बनफूल (Pansy)पानसडी (Pansy)
6Murraya-koenigii Flowers Name in Hindi and MarathiMurraya koenigii (कढ़ी पत्ता)कढ़ी पत्ता (Murraya koenigii)करी पत्ता (Murraya koenigii)
7NarcissusNarcissus (नर्गिस)नर्गिस (Narcissus)नर्गिस (Narcissus)
8Oleander Flowers Name in Hindi and MarathiOleander (कनेर)कनेर (Oleander)कण्हेर (Oleander)
9PalashPalash (ढाक)ढाक (Palash)पळस (Palash)
10LilyLily (कुमुदनी)कुमुदनी (Lily) Flowers Name in Hindiलिली (Lily) Flowers Name in Marathi
11Lotus Flowers Name in Hindi and MarathiLotus (कमल)कमल (Lotus)कमळ (Lotus)
12Mesua-FerreaMesua Ferrea (नाग केसर)नाग केसर (Mesua Ferrea)नागचाफा (Mesua Ferrea)
13MotiaMotia (मोतिया)मोतिया (Motia)मोत्याचे फूल (Motia)
14Mushroom Flowers Name in Hindi and MarathiMushroom (छत्रक)छत्रक (Mushroom)आळंबे (Mushroom)
15OrchidOrchid (आर्किड)आर्किड (Orchid)ऑर्किड (Orchid)
16JasmineJasmine (चमेली)चमेली (Jasmine) Flowers Name in Hindiजाई (Jasmine) Flowers Name in Marathi
17Hollyhock Flowers Name in Hindi and MarathiHollyhock (गुलखैरा)गुलखैरा (Hollyhock)गुलखैरा (Hollyhock)
18HiptageHiptage (माधवी)माधवी (Hiptage)माधवलता (Hiptage)
19Flax flower Flowers Name in Hindi and MarathiFlax flower (पटसन)पटसन (Flax flower)अंबाडीचे फूल (Flax flower)
20Magnolia Flowers Name in Hindi and MarathiMagnolia (चम्पा)चम्पा (Magnolia)चाफा (Magnolia)
21Hibiscus Flowers Name in Hindi and MarathiHibiscus (गुढल)गुढल (Hibiscus)जास्वंद (Hibiscus)
22Daffodil Flowers Name in Hindi and MarathiDaffodil (नरगिस)नरगिस (Daffodil)नरगिस (Daffodil)
23Dahlia Flowers Name in Hindi and MarathiDahlia (डेलिया)डेलिया (Dahlia)डेलिया (Dahlia)
24Daisy Flowers Name in Hindi and MarathiDaisy (गुलबहार)गुलबहार (Daisy)उल्हसित (Daisy)
25Erythrina Flowers Name in Hindi and MarathiErythrina (पारिजात)पारिजात (Erythrina)पारिजात (Erythrina)
26Star GloryStar Glory (कामलता)कामलता (Star Glory)विश्णु क्रान्ती (Star Glory)
27Cobra Saffron Flowers Name in Hindi and MarathiCobra Saffron (नागेसर)नागेसर (Cobra Saffron)नागचाफा (Cobra Saffron)
28ChrysanthemumChrysanthemum (गुलदाउदी)गुलदाउदी (Chrysanthemum)शेवंती (Chrysanthemum)
29Blue starBlue star (असोनिया)असोनिया (Blue star)असोनिया (Blue star)
30Blue water lilyBlue water lily (नीलकमल)नीलकमल (Blue water lily)नीलकमल (Blue water lily)
31BalsamBalsam (गुल मेहँदी)गुल मेहँदी (Balsam) Flowers Name in Hindi तेरडा (Balsam) Flowers Name in Marathi
32Arabian jasmineArabian jasmine (मोगरा)मोगरा (Arabian jasmine)मोगरा (Arabian jasmine)
33AnemoneAnemone (रत्नज्योति)रत्नज्योति (Anemone)चन्द्रज्योत (Anemone)
34AconiteAconite (कुचला)कुचला (Aconite)बचनाग (Aconite)
35TulipTulip (नलिनी)नलिनी (Tulip)ट्यूलिप (Tulip)
36Touch me notTouch me not (छुई मुई)छुई मुई (Touch me not)लाजवन्ती (Touch me not)
37StramoniumStramonium (धतुरा)धतुरा (Stramonium)दाटूरा (Stramonium)
38PrimrosePrimrose (बसन्ती गुलाब)बसन्ती गुलाब (Primrose)फुलांचे रानटी रोप (Primrose)
39HawthornHawthorn (नागफनी)नागफनी (Hawthorn)नागफनी (Hawthorn)
40PeriwinklePeriwinkle (सदाबहार)सदाबहार (Periwinkle)सदाफुली (Periwinkle)
41PoppyPoppy (अफीम)अफीम (Poppy) Flowers Name in Hindiखसखस (Poppy) Flowers Name in Marathi
42Peacock Flower Peacock Flower  (शंकासुर)शंकासुर (Peacock Flower )शंकासुर (Peacock Flower )
 creeper (मधुमालती)
मधुमालती (Rangoon
मधुमालती (Rangoon
44CrossandraCrossandra (अबोली)अबोली (Crossandra)अबोली (Crossandra)
45Cypress vineCypress vine (कामलता)कामलता (Cypress vine)गणेशवेल (Cypress vine)
Flower Name Chart With Translation in Hindi and Marathi

Summery :

Therefore, as seen above, there are lots of variety of flowers available. Also, it is not possible to cover all of them in one single article. Hence, i have provided with the most common and widely used varieties of flowers for better understanding. It is a perfect translation of Flowers Name in Hindi along with pictures. Also, this helps all the flower lovers to understand more about the flowers. Also, understand their types. Therefore, make it simple for them to procure one from the market. Also, Flowers name in Marathi translation is provided for those who need to make project in Marathi.

Also, Flowers have an important role in our life. Wedding, funeral, functions all need flowers and will be definitely be seen there. Flowers make a beautiful world. Also, it resembles happiness, care, love and joy. Therefore, as soon as we look at them, we feel calm, pleasant, beautiful. This is the power of flowers. Therefore, i hope all of you shall make use of this article and start potting your favorite ones. This Flowers Name in Hindi shall help you to procure one from nearby nursery. Hence, spread the word and fill the world with all the positive vibe you get from this flowers. Also, make a good use of Flowers Name in Marathi.