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Abacus franchise of ucmas, teacher training course and benefits of abacus

Abacus franchise of ucmas, teacher training course and benefits of abacus

Abacus franchise information is provided in this post for those who are looking to start their own tuition classes. Also, these days brands in such classes are important to get new admissions. Therefore, this article will cover UCMAS Abacus franchise, which is a good brand in the stream. Also find all details on the Abacus teacher training course. It will give you a brief on eligibility, course duration, fees and all other required detail. Benefits of abacus are tremendous and proven. We shall discuss about such benefits in detail. Therefore, lets cover it all up step wise.

Abacus franchise :

Abacus franchise is a great opportunity for those who want to start their business in educational field. Also, Abacus enables one to master in mental arithmetic calculation. Therefore, this is a most preferred class for students in today’s time. Mastering arithmetic calculation is a need of time due to increase in quality of education and competition. Also, Abacus teacher training course is also easy and simple. There are many more benefits of abacus, which will be discussed later. Therefore, Abacus franchise prove to be a great booming business worldwide.

One can take a professional level Abacus teacher training course and start their own business. Also, Many of the institutes opt for taking a reputed Abacus franchise. These franchise owners ensure the quality of Abacus teacher training and then issue them a licence to run a the franchise. One of the good institutes for UCMAS Abacus franchise. Therefore, such institutes get a lot of admission inquiries. Also, The benefits of abacus quality institutes are commendable and works really great.

UCMAS Abacus franchise :

UCMAS Abacus franchise of is a popular pick. Also, UCMAS is a global leader having over 1 million students worldwide. Also, they have over 5000 centers covering 55 countries. Therefore, they focus on  child development and brainpower in kids aged 4 to 13. Their core focus is on

  • Child development
  • Increase in brain power
  • Also, strengthens kids’ memory
  • Concentration and focus,
  • Therefore, Increases self-confidence
  • Also, greater proficiency in math skills
  • Overall academic achievement which are exellent benefits of abacus.

UCMAS Abacus franchise was established in India in 1999 and quickly became the country’s leading pioneer of visual Arithmetic programs due to benefits of abacus. Therefore, the eligiblity to take such franchise are as follows :


  • Abacus teacher training course if one is going to teach.
  • Also, franchisees do not need a background in teaching
  • passion for education
  • objective of creating a child-centric environment
  • Also, interactions with parents, students and Course Instructors
  • Skilled at marketing and business development which helps in managing abacus franchise.
  • Also, Resourceful and multi-tasking individuals
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Also, Solid leadership and management skills are benefits of abacus

The benefits of UCMAS Abacus franchise lies with its investment structure. Therefore, the investment required for the franchise of UCMAS is as follows :

InvestmentUCMAS Abacus Franchise feeSpace RequirementStaff RequirementExpected monthly SalesProfit MarginRoyalty
Rs. 1.5 – 2 lakhs1 lakhs300 – 500 sq ft.3Rs. 5000030%22% on sales

Abacus teacher training course :

Abacus teacher training is recommended for those who want to open their own abacus franchise. Also, benefits of abacus learning is less dependency on other teachers. Therefore, it helps in own development. This is a short term course. The duration of this course is different for different institutes. Hence, it is a relatively easy course and any one having time and passion may opt for it. Some important details of this course is as follows :

Abacus teacher training InclusionsDescription
Abacus Teacher Training FeesRs. 10000 – Rs. 30000 depending on the institute
Duration3 to 12 months
Abacus Levels Covered1 – 8
Also, Method of TrainingPhysical, Online, Videos
Practice MethodPhysical and Online
Also, SupportTeachers and Online Help desk from other Abacus franchise
Performance MonitoringThrough assignments
CertificationAfter successful Completion

Benefits of Abacus :

Learning Abacus is a boon for the Abacus Franchise owners as well as children. Therefore, there are lots of benefits of Abacus for both and listed as follows :

Benefits of Abacus for UCMAS Abacus Franchise or others :

  • Low initial investment
  • Also, Low operating expenses
  • Also, Previous experience is not required
  • Work full or part-time
  • Also, Strong demand for programs
  • Limited competition
  • Therefore, An easy-to-operate system
  • Also, An established and proprietary program and educational methodology
  • Therefore, A proven business model of Abacus franchise

Benefits of Abacus for Children :

  • Faster calculation skills.
  • Therefore, Improves problem-solving abilities.
  • Also, Increases endurance for stress and pressure.
  • Clearer logical reasoning.
  • Also, Increases concentration and observation power.
  • Develops confidence and self-esteem.
  • Also, Stronger mental visualization skills.
  • Improves reading and writing skills.
  • Therefore, Develops photographic memory.
  • Improves listening skills.
  • Also, Makes mathematics meaningful, useful and fun.
  • Therefore, Solid learning foundation for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Increases memory power
  • Sharpens overall mental formation.

Therefore, This completes our article on Abacus franchise. Hope it will be of a great help. Also, in this competitive world, learning and mastering math is a necessary part. Therefore, help the world achieve it with simple tools. Enjoy the benefits of abacus.