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Zumba and Weight loss – Training – Moves – Certification – Health Benefits

Zumba and Weight loss - Training - Moves - Certification - Health Benefits

Zumba is a aerobic exercise dance form to increase physical activity and calorie burn resulting to weight loss. Here we shall learn and understand more about some topics like Zumba and Weight loss, Training, Moves, Certification and Health Benefits

Zumba and Weight loss:

Zumba helps in loss of weight as it is related to physical activity and results in calorie burn. Therefore, a person looses weight  when one burns more calorie than that you consume. You may burn about 800 calorie with zumba in an hour depending on the intensity of the training you are doing. Zumba and weight loss depends on factors like:

  • Present fitness which allows you to perform the workout for the prescribed time. This increases over time with regular workout plan.
  • Intensity of zumba performed. Calorie burn depends on the Low, mid or high intensity workout.
  • Also, follow diet plan. A low calorie but nutritious diet is necessary to be included. There are lots of diet plans available on the internet to refer to. Low calorie diet and high calorie burning is always the key. The more you follow, the quicker you loose weight.
  • Also, Genetics play an important role in loosing weight. Sometimes, it resists your body to loose weight.
  • Current weight.

Zumba Training for weight managed loss:

Zumba Training do not have any prerequisites as such other than a person being above 18 years old, but having a Zumba moves class experience would be beneficial. Also, a person having fitness and dance background is always beneficial. After the Zumba Training, you can easily open your academy at a convenient place. Zumba Training comes with a license / certification which is necessary to be taken. It allows you to be called a zumba certified trainer which creates your market value. Getting a Professional Zumba training or certification shall definitely attract the crowd in your academy.

Zumba Certification:

Zumba certification is a training taken from the certified institutes that allows you to teach zumba as a professional. Now, Zumba certification is also known as license to conduct classes. Now zumba certification includes different levels of training like:

  • Basic
  • Jumpstart Gold
  • Jump Start Kids & Kids Jr.
  • Aqua Zumba

Zumba certification is valid for 6 months only and you may renew it by retaking the certification and training course. Also you may renew it by becoming Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) member.Enjoy your Zumba along with Weight managed loss.

Zumba Moves:

Zumba moves consist of some basic requirement as follows:

  • Right choice of your workout gear like shoes and clothing. Staying comfortable while workout is the key.
  • Learn some basic salsa. Today you have a lots of videos that teach you the basic to advance steps in salsa.
  • Also, Learn Merenge march
  • Learn Basic Reggaeton
  • Try Dancing on some zumba numbers like Cumba de la gaita.

These are some basic zumba moves. To know more and professional zumba moves, join the certification course.

Health benefits of Zumba:

There are lots of health benefits of zumba. By doing zumba, some of the health benefits are as under:

  • Zumba hepls in weight and fat loss.
  • Tones your body
  • Also, helps maintaining healthy heart
  • Lowers your stress level
  • Improves coordination of body parts
  • Also, helps in elevating Happy mood
  • Increased Confidance
  • Overall body wellness.