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Swiggy Logo PNG Download, Swiggy Net Worth and Swiggy Share Price

Swiggy Logo PNG Download, Swiggy Net Worth and Swiggy Share Price

Swiggy Logo PNG Download it here. Also, know more Swiggy Net Worth and Swiggy Share Price. As we all know Swiggy is a food delivery service provider. Therefore, services provided by Swiggy has brought a revolution in food industry. It has enabled lots of people to earn from home. Let’s check on some facts and figures related to this brand.

Swiggy Logo PNG :

Swiggy Logo PNG is needed for every one who needs to market their business. One key aspect of having success on Swiggy is marketing. Social media platforms and promotions are must. People should get a clear idea from the promotions that your business is available on Swiggy. Therefore, Swiggy Logo PNG file is needed to design your campaigns. Find below the logos and click to download.

Swiggy Logo PNG 1:
Swiggy Logo PNG 2 :

The above Swiggy Logo PNG shall help you to design all types of campaign where you need to mention Swiggy. Also, as said above, let us now look at Swiggy net worth, Swiggy share price.

Swiggy Net Worth :

Swiggy net worth as on April 2020 is $3.6 billion. To understand the milestones better lets understand the fund flow in detail. Swiggy was founded in the year 2014. It got its first outside investment of $2 million in 2015. In 2016, Swiggy raised investment of $15 million. Therefore, as the business model was responding good, existing and new investors were willing to raise investments. Then the funds started flowing in. In 2017 they raised $80 million. Also, in 2018 they arranged investment of $100 million. Till then their company valuation has already reached over $1 billion.

Now in April 2020, new funding of $43 million was raised and Swiggy net worth reached $3.6 billion. Also, Swiggy’s annual revenue in FY 2018 was ₹4.42 billion. It is a great achievement. And now every one wants to partner with Swiggy. Therefore, I have provided Swiggy Logo PNG for their convenience. Let us now cover our final topic of Swiggy share price.

Swiggy Share Price:

Swiggy share price is one of the questions people usually look for. Swiggy’s parent holding company is Bundl Technologies. Also, Swiggy is a Private limited Company and not Public limited Company as on May 2020. A company, to list their shares on to the stock market, needs to be Public limited. Therefore, there is no share price for Swiggy on the Stock Market. Also, being a Private Limited company, Swiggy do hold shares those belong to the promoters. Price of such shares is undisclosed and internal matter of the company.

Therefore, this covers it all. Now we know the Swiggy net worth along with its revenue. Also, a clear idea is given about the Swiggy share price. And I hope you like the Swiggy Logo PNG.