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Insurance Carrier

Insurance carrier is the company that holds your insurance policy and not the same as an insurance agent. It is the company to which your insurance payments are sent and the company that pays if you file a covered claim. The carrier employs insurance agents, underwriters, customer service representatives, claims adjusters, and more.

Why Should You Know the Name of Your Insurance Carrier?

If you purchased your policy yourself, or if your policy is through a large national company, you very likely know the name of the company. Even if you purchased a policy from a smaller company, it’s vital to know their name. There are several times when knowing who your insurance carrier is will certainly come in handy. You can speed things up if you know your insurance carrier off the top of your head.

It helps when you need to contact your Insurance carrier’s customer service center. The customer service number can be found on your insurance paperwork. However, it might be faster for you to look it up online. These things may be difficult if you do not know the name of your insurance carrier

Where Can You Find Their Information?

Declarations Page

Proof of Insurance

Call Your Agent

Know More About Your Carrier Than Its Name

You should certainly know the name of the company you bought a insurance policy from. Research customer reviews, ask your friends and family about its reputation, look into their financial backing. Knowing more about your them before deciding to purchase or renew a policy can save you a lot of hassle when it comes to claims customer service.

Customer Reviews: Every company has both positive and negative reviews. If something negative is repeatedly said by multiple persons, I would take it more seriously than positive review from an anonymous single user.

Friends and Family: Knowing someone who deals directly with an the company shall help in recommendation. Recommendation from someone who has dealt with filing a claim before.

Financial Backing: Knowing that insurance carrier you have selected is strong financially is very important. 

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