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River rafting in India – Coorg, Manali, Leh, Kolad

River rafting in India - Coorg, Manali, Leh, Kolad

River rafting in India is a popular sport among the teenagers. Therefore, it is gaining attention day by day due to its popularity and once in a lifetime experience. Also, there are many places in India where this sport is conducted. Some of the best experience can be gained at river rafting in Coorg, Manali, Leh and Kolad.

River rafting in India:

River rafting in India is conducted at many places. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Ladakh, done in Indus River
  • Also, Coorg, Barapole River
  • Manali, Beas River
  • Also, Rishikesh, River Ganga
  • Arunachal Pradesh, Lohit River
  • Himachal Pradesh, Spiti River
  • Also, Uttarakhand, Bhagirathi River
  • Maharashtra, Kundalika River

River rafting in Coorg (India):

River rafting in Coorg is done in Barapole River. Therefore, if you want to do river rafting in Coorg you may follow the following steps.

  • If you are travelling from Bangalore reach the site via Nagarhole Forest and then reaching to Tata Tea Estate. Also, if you travel from Madkeri then reach via Hudikere and finally to Tata Tea Estate. Once reached, move to the Rafting Point known as KKR junction.
  • Stays are also available.
  • Conducted between 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM
  • Also, Rafting is done for 90 mins
  • Total 4 Kms of sport which includes paddling and rapids.
  • Cost is approx Rs 800/- to 1000/- per person
  • Also, You are provided with trained instructors, safety gears and Tea / Coffee.
  • Best time is July and September

This is one of the best River rafting in India.

River rafting in Manali:

River rafting in Manali is done in Beas River. Therefore, steps to enjoy River rafting in Manali are as follows:

  • You may reach Manaki or Pirdi for the sport.
  • Also, As Manali is a famous travel destination, there are lots of stay options.
  • River rafting in Manali starts at 10’o clock in the morning
  • 20 Kms streach from manaki and arround 14 Kms from Pirdi
  • Also, There are trained instructors, safety equipment provided
  • Costing starts from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1000/-
  • Best time is July and September

This is also considered on of the best and safe River rafting in India.

River rafting in Leh:

River rafting in Leh is done in Indus river and also Zanskar river. Therefore, details for reaching and procedures for River rafting in Leh are as follows:

  • Reach Phey, Upshi or Chilling for sport. They belong to Indus and Zanskar river respectively.
  • Also, You will get a wide range of hotels for your stay.
  • Starts in the morning
  • Some routes are as follows:
    • Phey to Nimo
    • Upshi to Kharu
    • Also, Upshi to Nimo
    • Phey to Saspol
    • Phey to Indus via Zanskar at Nimo
    • Also, Nimo to Alchi
    • Alchi to Khaltsey via Nurla
  • Rafting for about 2 hours will be around Rs. 1500 to Rs. 1800
  • Also, Time to visit is June to August

This is one of the most underappreciated and beautiful area for River rafting sport in India.

Kolad river rafting:

Kolad river rafting is done in Sahyadris located in Maharashtra. Also, Its done in Kundalika River. Therefore, your dream for Kolad river rafting can be achieved as follows:

  • Reach Kolad in Maharashtra. Its about 120 Kms from Mumbai
  • Also, resorts are available nearby the Kolad river rafting.
  • Its a 13 Kms stretch
  • Cost per person is about Rs. 800/- to Rs. 1200/-
  • Also, you can visit this spot throughout the year.
  • As this is highly commercialized, you may get a lot of package deal for the same.

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