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Skydiving Cost, Age, Certification, License, Facts

Skydiving Cost, Age, Certification, License, Facts

Skydiving is a adventure sports loved by enthusiasts at fullest and they always have a common query regarding the Skydiving cost and age. Here we will cover details about the Skydiving cost, age, certification training, getting license and some facts regarding this sport.

Skydiving Cost:

Skydiving cost differ in different regions. Therefore, I shall give you a brief on the skydiving costs applicable in different regions. Also, it differs as the way you want to jump. There are different types of jumps to select from.

  • In USA you will have to pay up to 300$ – 700$ depending on your jump choice
  • UK may cost you up to £300 – £500
  • Also, In Europe you may have to pay 200€ – 400€
  • Australia may cost you approx $400 – $600 for a jump
  • Asia it will cost you around $500 – $700

Therefore, from above you can easily estimate a approximate cost for skydiving in any region.

Skydiving Age (Other parameter than Cost):

Skydiving age is a main factor for eligibility for performing this sports. There are different skydiving age eligibility for different regions like:

  • Australia – 12 yrs
  • Dubai – 18 yrs
  • France – 16 yrs
  • Germany – 12 yrs
  • South Africa – 16 yrs
  • United Kingdom – 16 yrs
  • United States – 18 yrs
  • New Zealand – No minimum skydiving age

It is recommended to check the same with the regional agency who provides this sport.

Skydiving Certification:

Skydiving certification is a little expensive affair. But, as we know, it takes a lot to follow your passion. Not only money, but also, time, effort, dedication etc. Skydiving certification includes:

  • Classroom based Jump Course
  • Also, AFF (Accelerated Free fall) Training
  • Jumping from around 14000 feet along with completing tasks in each jump to qualify for next level
  • AFF training will be completed in 1 week approx
  • Also, Once you are AFF certified, you have to perform at least 1 jump in 30 days to keep skydiving certification active
  • Also, refer Skydiving cost.

Skydiving license:

Skydiving license is of 4 types namely A,B,C & D.

    • Now, skydiving license A is first licence for new skydivers. Requirements for this will be
      • Minimum of 25 jumps to be completed
      • Also, meet requirements of the USPA A License Proficiency Card
      • Make five skydives with one or more other people
      • Skydiving license stamped by the USPA
      • Also, Pass the USPA written and oral exams
    • Skydiving B license is the next level and requirements are
      • Achieved the skydiving A license
      • Made 50 skydives with free fall for at least 30 minutes and landed within 33 feet of a target in ten jumps
      • Also, demonstrated the ability to perform required turns or completed the planned points in ten group formation
      • Live water landing training
      • Meet the requirements of USPA canopy piloting proficiency card
      • Also, Passed a written USPA exam

  • C license is the next level. Requirements are
    • Achieved a B license
    • Completed 200 jumps with freefall for at least 60 minutes
    • Also, Landed within 7 feet of target on 25 jumps
    • Completed in air turning and barrel rolling maneuvers or completed at least two points on an 8 person formation skydive
    • Also, Have passed a written exam
  • D license and requirements are
    • Have a C license
    • Also, Made 500 jumps including 3 hours of freefall time
    • Two night jumps along with free fall of at least 20 seconds in duration
    • Also, Passed the written USPA D license exam (check Skydiving cost)

Skydiving Facts:

Skydiving Facts. Some of skydiving facts you probably didn’t know are as follows.

  • Luke Aikins performed skydive without a parachute from 25000 feet and landed safely in a net.
  • Also, Kenny Meyer is a 102 year old skydiver
  • Worlds highest skydive is from 135,890 feet by Alan Eustace
  • Jay Stokes dived 640 times during one day. A Skydiving facts.
  • Also, Skydiving fact is that it can be done from helicopter and also, hot air balloon.