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Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajasthan : Best time to visit Ranthambore, Sitamata, Desert National Park and also some information on Rajasthan temperature to plan your visits.

Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajasthan : Best time to visit Ranthambore, Sitamata, Desert National Park and Rajasthan temperature

There are various wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan and Rajasthan temperature dominates on these sanctury. Therefore, there is a pool of birds and other animals which can be spotted here in different seasons. Wildlife safari is the best opportunity to see such animals close enough and enjoy this thrilling experience. Also, here we are going to talk about the Sitamata wildlife sanctuary, Desert national park along with best time to visit Ranthambore and other parks. Also, we shall provide you some details about the Rajasthan temperature so that you have better knowledge for planning your trips to wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan.

Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajasthan:

Wildlife preserved Sanctuary in Rajasthan is a gift of god provided to this state. Some of the wildlife preserved sanctuary in state of Rajasthan are as follows:

  • Ranthambore National Park
  • Sariska Park
  • Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary
  • Desert National Park
  • Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajasthan
  • Darrah Sanctuary
  • Mount Abu Sanctuary
  • Sitamata sanctuary
  • Keladevi Sanctuary
  • National Chambal Sanctuary
  • Machiya Safari Park
  • Ramgarh Vishdhari Sanctuary
  • Mukundara Tiger Reserve
  • Baretha Wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan.
  • Jaisamand Sanctuary
  • Tal Chhapar Sanctuary
  • Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Gajner Sanctuary
  • Sajjangarh Park
  • Todgarh Raoli Park

Therefore, it is a paradise of wildlife. Also, one having a wildlife passion shall enjoy wildlife sanctuary in state of Rajasthan to the fullest. Depending on the Rajasthan temperature sightings may be enjoyed.

Wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan – Sitamata :

Sitamata wildlife sanctuary is located in Pratapgarh. Sitamata wildlife is a sanctuary which is protected zone having a area of 423 sq. km. Therefore, lot’s of variety of animals, birds can be seen in Sitamata wildlife sanctuary depending on the Rajasthan temperature. Tankiya, Budho, Sitamata, Karmoi and Jakham rivers flow here which helps the vegetation of the forest. Some of the birds and animals found in Sitamata wildlife contained sanctuary are as follows:

Birds in Sitamata wildlife sanctuary:
  • cattle egret
  • little egret
  • Also, tawny eagle
  • Indian darter
  • grey heron
  • Also, little grebe
  • little cormorant
  • white eyed buzzard
  • Also, black winged stilt

Animals in Sitamata wildlife sanctuary:
  • neelgai
  • wild bear
  • Also, spotted deer is common
  • porcupine
  • jungle cat
  • fox
  • Also, jackal
  • hyena
  • leopard
  • Also, pangolin
  • wild boar
  • caracal and four horned antelope
  • Also, flying squirrel is a treat to watch.

Therefore, as per the Rajasthan temperature the time to visit shall be winter season.

Desert National Park:

Desert national park is one of the largest national park in India. It is spread on 3162 sq. km. Desert national park is a very popular park because of its landscape all over the world. Also, Land Dunes consist of approx 18 – 20 % of the forest area. Rest forest is of fixed dunes, inter medial areas, salt lake bottoms and craggy rocks. Therefore, Desert national park contributes to a very thrilling experience of safari. Also, a variety of birds and animals can be seen in Desert national park. List of them are as follows:

Birds in Desert national park:
  • Great Indian Bustard
  • sand grouse
  • kestrels
  • Also, laggar falcons
  • spotted eagles
  • Also, tawny eagles
  • short toed eagles
  • Also, vultures
  • buzzards
  • Also, falcons
  • harriers
  • Also, eagles are common here.

A large number of migratory birds visit in winter to the wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan.

Animals in Desert national park:
  • chinkara
  • Also, black bucks
  • Also, hedgehogs
  • wolves
  • Also, desert cats
  • Bengal foxes
  • Also, desert foxes can be seen.

Therefore, having a look at Rajasthan temperature, you should visit here from October to March.

Best time to visit Ranthambore, Rajasthan temperature and details of the Park:

Best time to visit Ranthambore is October to June. It is one of the most talked about parks when we talk of wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan. Main attraction for tourists is Tiger. Therefore, best time to visit places like Ranthambore or  as per Rajasthan temperature is also considered a lot because of the climatic conditions favorable for Tiger sightings. It is always known that when there is an availability of water in the forest, there are very few chances of Tiger sighting. Also, the chances increase drastically when the forest water dries up and the tiger starts moving in search of water. Therefore, best time to visit Ranthambore will be in summers. Some animals found here are

  • chitals
  • sloth bears
  • Also, hyenas
  • sambars
  • Also, wild boars
  • nilgai
  • leopards
  • Also, tigers are the main attraction.

But the same does not apply to Sitamata wildlife sanctuary, Desert national park or any other park. Therefore, best time to visit places like Ranthambore in summer may be very good for Tiger sighting but not necessary for other animals. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the animal behaviors and environmental factors affecting their behaviors. Also, some animals or birds are most visible in winter and some may be visible in summer. To simplify the same, read below about the Rajasthan temperature.

Rajasthan temperature:

Rajasthan temperature is not so different from rest of India. The Rajasthan temperature throughout the year is as follows:

In Summer, Rajasthan temperature (April to June) is arround 40°C to 49°C (Best time to visit Ranthambore)

In, Winter, Rajasthan temperature (December to March) averages to -2°C to 10°C  (Best time for Sitamata wildlife sanctuary)

Also, In Monsoon, Rajasthan temperature (July-September) varies from 30°C to 35°C.