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Weight of Steel Bar and its Formula for Calculation

Weight of Steel Bar and its Formula

Weight of Steel Bar is usually required for quantity estimation. If a person knows the standard weight of steel bar formula then it is really easy to calculate the same. Also, there are some standard industry references which i have provided below. Therefore, if you are purchasing a standardized material then these following weights shall solve the purpose.

Weight of Steel Bar:

Weight of Steel Bar is usually provided in standardized manner for bars having diameter of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm. These are the most commonly used bars in the construction field. Also, this weight is drawn for 1 meter bar. Hence this can be multiplied with the length of bar you have. I am also providing you the Weight of Steel Bar formula for easy calculations of the weight after this. Therefore, the reference chart for these bars is as follows:

Steel Bar DiameterWeight of Steel Bar (for 1 meter length)
6 mm0.22 kg
8 mm0.39 kg
10 mm0.62 kg
12 mm0.88 kg
16 mm1.58 kg
20 mm2.47 kg
25 mm3.85 kg
32 mm6.31 kg

Weight of Steel Bar Formula:

Formula for calculating the Weight of Steel Bar is often required for exact calculations of the steel required and to prepare the bill of quantities. Therefore, with this formula there wont be any difficulty in calculation even if the steel is not standardized or of a bigger diameter. You just have to know the exact diameter of steel you have. Also, the following chart will explain you the required formula for calculation of weight of 1 meter bar.

Weight of Steel Bar lengthFormula
1 meterW= D x D / 162.2
where “W” stands for Bar weight and “D” stands for Diameter of the bar.
12 meter (1 Bar)(W= D x D / 162.2) x 12

Therefore, its that simple. Now as per the standards steel bar is of a 12 meter length. Hence, i have provided both the formula for a better clarity. Now you just have to remember the above formula or refer the above chart for all your queries regarding the bar weight. Also, there is one thing to remember that these bars come in different types and qualities. You can have a quick look at he same below.

Types and Different Grades of Steel Bars:

There are 4 types of steel bars in all which are as follows:

  1. Hot Rolled Deformed Steel Bars
  2. Cold Worked Steel Bars
  3. TMT Steel Bars for which Weight of Steel Bar is given above
  4. Prestressing Steel Bars

Also, Different grades of bars are as follows:

  1. Fe-415
  2. Fe-500
  3. Fe-550
  4. Fe-600

Therefore, you must have a knowledge about these topics too. I shall cover them in my another article. Therefore, this is a wrap on our topic of Weight of Steel Bar Formula for calculation of any bar weights.


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