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Brainy Tank – Tank Fire Game

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The Tank Fire Game

Brainy Tank is a free tank fire game or known as tank attack game where you have to focus on the boxes to shoot and destroy. It is a clicker game where you hold shoot button to throw the 💣 bomb. Pay attention to the positive and negative boxes as it will affect your score. This tank trouble with boxes requires scoring a minimum required threshold to destroy the shield. In this game the 👑 king is in prison. Keep in mind that you just have 5 bombs to destroy the king box and letting him free. As the levels go up, you will have an opportunity to gain more bombs.

There are at present 20 intellectual levels to complete. More levels are in production and shall be updated very soon. Till then enjoy the tank attack game and apply your minds to complete all the levels. Also, complete it with all the 3 stars. I bet it’s difficult yet addictive and interesting clicker game. If you get stuck somewhere in this prison game, we have added few interesting features like Pause button and Destroy the negative box.

Advantages In The Tank Fire Game for Releasing 👑 King (A great Prison Game):

Pause Button:

Pauses the Countdown Timer for 15 seconds. Helps in gaining time in this tank trouble for making accurate strategy and decisions for shooting. If you want this for free, you will get it by watching ads by clicking watch ads button.

To make it easy for Tank to fire in this game we have:  Destroy Negative Box Button:

Destroys all the negative boxes from the scene. Helps in completing the level faster in this prison game.

Both of these fantastic features are available for sale within the app also. Available when you press the cart button on the scene.

An added advantage !!! Enjoy this tank trouble with free added features.

How to Play Brainy Tank Trouble Clicker Game (Brief):

  • Aim the cannon
  • Clicker game, hence hold the shoot button up till the force required for 💣 bomb velocity
  • Destroy the Boxes
  • Score as much as possible
  • Gain 3 stars in all levels
  • Prison game, therefore, release king by destroying the 👑 king box
  • Beware: You just have 5 Bombs to complete the level

I hope you enjoy this Tank game which fires to destroy boxes to the core and share the same with your friends and family.

Do not forget to rate us. Also feel free to contact us for any complaints or queries.

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