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Tharparkar Cow – All details with Price

tharparkar cow with Price

Tharparkar Cow is a cattle breed famous for its milking abilities and many other propertied. Therefore, you shall find here all the details related to this cattle along with Tharparkar Cow Price. The details are as follows:

Tharparkar Cow:

Tharparkar Cow has its origin from Tharparkar district in Sindh province. It is also commonly known as White Sindhi, Cutchi or Thari. Geographic location of the origin consist of sand dunes and extreme heat. Therefore, adequate grazing is only in monsoon. This in turn helps the cattle to be exceptionally good in tolerating such climatic conditions. Also, this enables them to handle the problem of feed scarcity. They are also known for their disease resistant properties. They are one of the preferred breed in milk business.

Tharparkar Cow Physical Characteristics:

Tharparkar Cow are medium-sized animals with a long tapering face. Also, they have a convex forehead and medium sized horns that curve upward and outward. They have a large pendulous ears. Also, they are light grey in color. Their tail twitch is black. They have a huge firm hump and strong legs. Also, in bulls neck, hump, and fore and hind quarters are also dark. Healthy adults weigh about 400 to 500 Kg.

Tharparkar Cow Price:

Healthy Cow price ranges from approx Rs. 50000 to 60000 depending on the health, age etc. Also, Healthy bull costs about Rs. 70000 to 80000.

Milking Abilities:

Milking abilities of a cow is the yield of milk given by the cow per lactation. Per day this cattle can give 10 – 11 liters of milk. The average yield for this cattle is 1749 kg per lactation and ranges from 913 up to 2147 Kg per lactation in drought environment. Tharparkar Cow with high nutrition in farm can produce up to 3000 – 3500 litre per lactation. It is a profit making business.

Life Span:

Average life span of Tharparkar Cow is 25 years.

Use of Cows and Bulls:

Cows are used in milking purpose due to their low maintenance and high yielding properties. Bulls are used in farming and as well as mating purpose.

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