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Commercial Pilot Salary in India

commercial pilot salary in india

Commercial Pilot salary in India is less when it is compared to the international payouts. But, when the same is considered in the Indian Rupees, it is a handsome payout. The reason to say so is the average starting salary for a fresher Commercial Pilot. Also, we shall cover many aspects regarding the same in detail further.

Commercial Pilot salary in India:

Average starting commercial Pilot salary in India for freshers having less or no experience starts from around Rs. 1 Lakh per month. Those who have intermediate skills and flying hours grab a salary of around Rs. 3 Lakh per month. Also, skilled and experienced Pilots get a handsome payout of approx 7 Lakh per month. Therefore, lets break it up for a better understanding in the chart form mentioned below.

Commercial Pilot salary in India (As per Designation / Skill Level)Average Starting Salary Per Month
Junior First Officer (Fresher or Entry Level)Rs. 1 – 1.5 Lakh
First OfficerRs. 3 – 3.5 Lakh
Senior First OfficerRs. 4 – 4.5 Lakh
CaptainRs. 6 – 7 Lakh
Captain (For big Aircraft)Rs. 8 – 10 Lakh
Commercial Pilot salary in India Chart

Also, in the above chart u must have seen two types of Captains. To understand the same we have to see the working of the designations.

Designations of the Commercial Pilots and Eligibility as per the Salary slabs in India:

Minimum 250 hours of flying experience is the main eligibility to become a commercial pilot in India. Therefore, after this one can join in as a fresher or a Junior First Officer. Flying hours required to be eligible for each designations can be explained as follows:

Commercial Pilot salary in India (As per Designation / Skill Level)Flying Hours / Duration for Eligibility
Junior First Officer (Fresher or Entry Level)250 Flying Hours
First Officer800 Flying Hours
Senior First Officer2-2.5 years
Captain2 years or as per availiblity of pilots in Airlines (This is for Aircraft type of Boeing 737 or Airbus A320)
Captain (For big Aircraft)Restarting from First officer in flying bigger aircraft’s like Airbus A330, Boeing 777 or Boeing 787


Therefore, as seen above, this career has a very promising and handsome payouts. It is just about the flying hours and the skill you achieve. Hence, this is a very attractive career in terms of money compared to other careers. Also, reason being the starting average salary which is much more higher than other careers. Hence, this is a wrap on the Average starting commercial Pilot salary in India per month. Also, this helps in getting a very clear idea regarding the financial overview of this career. Please have a overview of all the educational and training details required for the same. Also, concentrate on your practical training well, as these skills shall help you achieve your desired salary slab.