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Construction Contract Attorney : Law-Mistake-Damages-Lawsuit – Guide

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Construction contract attorney is the one, who offers you good legal and business advice related to any type of construction, covered in the construction contract law. There are times when we award a contract to a contractor but due to some mistake in contract law drafting, litigation’s occur and one takes a decision to file a construction lawsuit to claim the damages in contract law. So, here i will briefly guide you regarding the same.

Why is Construction Contract Attorney needed ?

Some of the major points to cover are:

  • Firstly, they have a sound knowledge of construction contract law.
  • Consulting on lien rights, change in orders and construction claims
  • Drafting and submitting regulatory filings
  • Drafting and reviewing construction contracts
  • Advising on construction business operations
  • Financing
  • Advising on tax issues
  • Advising on insurance matters
  • Filing construction lawsuit

How to find a good Construction Contract Attorney ?

  • Analyse record of the work that he/she performed.
  • Similarly, see if he is Knowledgeable
  • Likewise, check what is his experience in construction lawsuit ?
  • Is he smart enough ?
  • They should be confident in their abilities
  • They must be able to comfortably work in a subordinate capacity
  • Also should be personable and easy to work with
  • Should be neat, organized and have excellent legal research and drafting skills

Mistake in Contract Law

Poor drafting of contract arises mistake in contract law. Construction contract attorney helps in eliminating mistake in contract law. Usually the mistake in contract law is of 2 types:

  • Mistake in contract law due to Mistake of lawDue to deficiency of knowledge regarding National Law or International Law
  • Mistake of Fact as a mistake in contract lawboth the parties misunderstand each other
    • bilateral mistake – both parties under mistake
    • unilateral mistake – one party is under mistake

Damages in Contract Law

Breach of contract arises claim for Damages in Contract Law.  Construction contract attorney eases in claiming the damages in contract law.

  • Usually the damages in Contract Law covers:
  • Compensatory Damages – pay what promised in the contract
  • Restitution – pay the other party back
  • Liquidated Damages – pay for damages agreed upon
  • Nominal Damages – no party suffered harm
  • Quantum Merit – pay for the work completed
  • Remedies in Equity – forces the breaching party to deliver the goods or perform the service they promised in the contract
  • Punitive Damages – party acts in a reprehensible way

So, the above are some examples of damages in contract law that lead to filing construction lawsuit. There are other damages in contract law which may be explained by your Attorney and file construction lawsuit accordingly.

Construction Lawsuit : use help of good Construction Contract Attorney

Moreover, a good Construction Contract Attorney helps in filing the construction lawsuit and giving you relief.

Therefore, the above was a brief on Construction Contract Attorney, some details of construction contract law, Damages and mistakes in contract law, and construction lawsuit.

Avoid mistake in contract law and unnecessary claiming Damages in Contract Law and filing a Construction Lawsuit. Hire a Construction Contract Attorney beforehand.