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Calories in One Chapati / Roti / Fulka with and without Oil, Ghee along with Benefits and Weight Loss tips

calories in one chapati

Calories in one Chapati are 104. Chapati is also commonly known as Roti or Fulka. Also, they are often cooked and consumed with Ghee or Oil. Are you surprised about this calorie count? You must be thinking that, is consuming that much calorie from 1 roti healthy? Here you will find all the answers about your queries regarding Nutritional value of Chapati. Also, learn about the benefits and disadvantages of Roti.

Calories in One Chapati / Roti / Fulka:

Chapati, Roti or Fulka all are the same. These are the same words in different languages and regions. Also, many of us have a different style of Roti preparation. Some of us consume it plain and some of us consume it with ghee or oil. Therefore, applying additional item on it shall increase calories in one Roti. Hence, you can find the Nutritional value chart of Chapati / Roti along with details of calories in one chapati shown in it.

Nutritional Facts of Chapati / Fulka / RotiValue% Daily Values
Serving Size: 1 Chapati / Roti / Fulka
ENERGY (shows calories in 1 Chapati)104 cal5%
PROTEIN2.6 g5%
FIBER2.6 g10%
FAT3.7 g6%
VITAMIN A30.6 mcg1%
*VITAMIN B10.1 mcg10%
VITAMIN B20 mcg0%
*VITAMIN B30.9 mcg7%
VITAMIN C0 mcg0%
*VITAMIN E0.2 mcg1%
VITAMIN B97.8 mcg4%
CALCIUM10.4 mg2%
IRON1.1 mg5%
MAGNESIUM28.6 mg8%
PHOSPHORUS76.9 mg13%
SODIUM4.3 mg0%
POTASSIUM68.2 mg1%
ZINC0.5 mg5%
Calories in One Chapati / Roti / Fulka Nutritional Value Chart

Calories in One Chapati / Fulka / Roti with Oil or Ghee:

Now, Calories in one chapati with oil or ghee is 170 cal. This is considering 1/2 Tbsp ghee applied on Roti. Also, as we all know, we have minimum 2-3 chapati per meal. Therefore, this takes the daily calorie intake to whooping 510 calories only from Chapatis. Hence, a planned diet is essential for maintaining good health. This doesn’t mean that consuming ghee is bad. I personally believe one must eat everything in a limited manner. Therefore, such calories in one chapati may harm your health if consumed in every meal every day.

How to burn Calories in 1 Chapati / Roti / Fulka after consumed?

  • Walking: 18 minutes
  • Running:12 minutes
  • Cycling: 10 minutes

Benefits and Disadvantages of eating Chapati / Roti daily considering the calories in 1 Chapati:

Looking at the calories in one chapati, you must be wondering about the disadvantages and health benefits of consuming chapati daily. Therefore, A quick list below will answer all your doubts.

Benefits of eating Chapati / Roti daily:

  • Enriched with nutrients
  • Excellent source of soluble fiber
  • Lowers blood cholesterol levels
  • prevents constipation
  • keeps our digestive system healthy
  • Energy form Carbohydrates helps you stay active and can be seen from the calories in 1 chapati nutrition chart
  • Good for your Skin
  • Prevent Diseases
  • Maintain Hemoglobin Levels in body
  • Low in calorie if consumed without oil or fatty ghee.

Disadvantages of eating Chapati / Roti daily:

  • High in starch
  • May convert into fats if over consumed. You can easily judge from the chapati nutritional chart as calories in one chapati is shown. Also, for your reference, healthy male needs approx 2000 calories per day and females need around 1500 cal. Therefore, over consumption shall lead in fat production and then illness.

Weight Loss with Chapati diet:

One must have Roti everyday to enjoy its benefits. Also, this comes with some limitations. As we understand from the calories in one chapati, one can have 2-3 roti per meal. Also, for the purpose of weight loss you can cut down on unnecessary carbohydrate and sugar intake. As mentioned above, if you consume less calorie than needed by your body per day than this will result in weight loss. Chapati is a great medium for weight loss.


Calories in one chapati without oil, ghee is 104 cal. Also, calories in 1 chapati with oil, ghee is 170 cal. Chapati’s have a great health benefit. Also, there is no disadvantage as such if consumed in limits. Therefore, Chapati’s can be added in your weight loss diet plan due to its low calorie content.